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Altar, Font, and Chair for St Malachys Church, Belfast

Designed by and commissioned from Ken Thompson. Working in Ken's workshop I was given the task of roughing out and carving the mouldings and the decoration on this altar furniture. All were carved from single blocks of Portuguese limestone.

Altar Furniture For St Peters Cathedral, Belfast

This Altar furniture in Portuguese limestone was designed by and commissioned from Ken Thompson. As I was working in his workshop at the time I did a lot of the shaping and the repetitive patterns. Due to my interest in carving animals I was also given the task of making the lectern which involved carving an eagle.

Captain Ahab, Youghal Town

Located in Market square in Youghal, this 5ft statue, carved from a single block of Kilkenny limestone was commissioned to commemorate the making of the 1959 film Moby Dick by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck.

The commissioning process began with the group Youghal4all and my proposal won the tender late in 2018.

The committee wanted a figurative sculpture, in discussions it was agreed that the carving should be an artistic representation of Captain Ahab. The sculpture depicts Ahab hunting the whale from the bow of a boat with harpoon at the ready.

The 3 ton block of Kilkenny limestone arrived in the workshop in January 2019 and was it was a 5 month carving process. A base and lettering was then added.

It was unveiled in August 2020.

Edward Bransfield Monument

Located in Ballinacurra, Co. Cork this 6 foot 'nautical beacon' is carved in local limestone quarried within a mile of the site. It commemorates the discovery of the continent of Antarctica in 1820 by Edward Bransfield, who was born in Ballinacurra.

The commissioning process was begun in 2018 with the “Remembering Edward Bransfield” committee who needed a carving within a limited budget. They were keen to use a piece of local stone so a large 5 ton boulder was very carefully selected from a nearby quarry. Due to the unknown quality of the stone a simple form was required.

I designed a navigation beacon inspired by the one on the cliffs in Baltimore with an inscription and some carvings. A navigation beacon was felt to be appropriate for a ships master as was the carving of a sextant and a penguin to symbolise Antartica.

The stone arrived in the workshop in Jan 2019 in very rough form. As there were a lot of other commissions in the workshop at the time a sculptor friend, Mario Lopez, helped with the shaping. The lettering and carvings were all hand drawn and cut, the whole process taking about two and a half months.

The sculpture was unveiled in January 2020.

Abstract Torso

Situated in a private garden in Cork this five foot commission was designed for a specific site near the sea. I designed a sculpture with a windswept aspect inspired partly by the windswept trees along that coastline. It is based on a moving twisting torso and is carved from a single two ton block of Kilkenny limestone.

Altar and Lectern for St. Josephs Chapel, Waterford

Commissioned by the little sisters of the poor in Waterford in 2009 and carved from single blocks of Portuguese Limestone, this project was designed with my father and made by me in his workshop.

Designed for a round modern chapel they needed to be simple but beautiful.

Plaque to commemorate the visit of Frederick Douglass to Cork

Set into the wall in the foyer of the imperial hotel in Cork, this polished Kilkenny limestone plaque was commissioned by U.C.C. to commemorate the visit of Frederick Douglass to cork in 1845. The Imperial Hotel is the only building that he visited in Cork that is still standing.